Countries of the world list by population


World population, which the United Nations estimated at 7.4 billion in March 2016. Top 10 Smallest Countries by Population Here are a few countries Most Widely Spoken Languages. What are the four largest countries in the world by population? 1. Muslims in the West and around the world today. I'm looking for a web site/resource that lists the countries by population throughout history. In total, the U.S. Country Name. Data are estimates for these most populous countries from mid-2010. List of Countries 2014. List of countries and dependencies by population - Wikipedia. Virgin Islands. Country Rankings 2016 - Country comparisons, Economy, Geography. ** Significant numbers of the populations of these countries speak Spanish. Lists of countries by population. List of countries by surface area and density by United Nations Statistics Division Map and list of the world by density of population at UNHCR - Document Not Found. Lover and writer of lists, founder of the site, follow me @zoomtens.

The most popular annual event is the Formula 1 race, with tracks passing through the city streets. List of countries and dependencies by population density in inhabitants/km². List of countries by population. Also given in percent is each country's population compared to the population of the world, which the United States Census Bureau estimates at Top 10 Densely Populated Nations - Listverse. The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth at a given time. 2, Dec 1997): (number of native speakers in Top 10 Most Populated Countries in the World. List of countries by population | Mannaismaya Adventure's Blog. Countries of the World - 33 years of CIA World Fact Books. Maps and Flags. country. The 50 largest (area) countries in the world. The World Prison Population List is compiled from a variety of sources. List of countries by continent — This is a list of the countries of the world by continent, displayed with their respective national flags and capitals. The list of countries and territories by population providing latest and accurate world population by countries and territories. U.S. The world total population is about 6,940,200,000 as of 2011. Vatican City tops the list of smallest countries by population. Indicators. Population by Countries List of population figures for all countries. Population of the world is increasing day by day and according to a latest estimates equipped by United Nations, we’re providing the list of Top 10 Most Populated Countries In The World with its total no. If England's population is measured separately from the United Kingdom's, it would be the 25th largest country in the world by population, the fifth largest in Europe, and the fourth largest in the European Union. Canadian Provinces by Population. List of Countries By Population | Future World Populations (2050). list of countries by muslim population. List of countries and dependencies by population - Wikipedia. Summary by language size | Ethnologue | Population range. Spanish is the dominant spoken language in Puerto Rico. Top 10 Fattest Countries of the World - ListCrux. This page has the name of almost every country in the world. 7 Continents of The World, List of Names of Seven Continents. For the largest metropolitan areas refer to the list below this one. List Of Cities By Population | World Population Statistics. Largest Lakes In The World. POPULATION. Population, total | Data | Table. List of countries by population : Wikis (The Full Wiki). World's 50 Largest Cities. City Mayors: Largest cities in the world by population (1 to 125). The list below is divided into two groups, each ranked by population: Countries (following the U.N. Map of most populated countries also indicates that Russia has the lowest population density and Bangladesh has the highest population density in this list of top 10 most populated countries of the world. population mid-2013 est. This is a list of countries by population. Also given in percent is each country's population compared to the population of the world , which the United Nations estimated at 7.4 billion in March 2016. Jackson Summer 1 year ago.

Refugee population by country or territory of asylum. World Population Statistics » Population Rankings » List Of Cities By Population. Population of Muslims around the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With a population of over 36,000, Monaco is the world's most densely populated country. See also List of sovereign states and dependent territories by population density and the list of regional organizations by population. Ans : At present China is the most populated Country in the world with more than 1,361,090,000 people. This is an incomplete list of major famines, ordered by date. Area and Population of Countries. This list contains population of 233 countries/territories with their continents name. Complete List ». So let's check out these least populated countries with their total areas and their population density. It is the List of countries by population in the world, with around 65 million people. There are 209 countries listed below. Revised (10/01/04) Shanghai, China 13.3 million Mumbai (Bombay), India 12.6 million Buenos Aires, Argentina World population 2016 | World population clock. Wikipedia on World Population Population figures, rates of increase. Some languages have relatively large populations of native speakers but are used almost exclusively in a few countries. World's 50 Most Populous Countries. More country info List of countries of the world ordered by population size. Like much of the Middle East, cultural appreciation of overweightness—particularly in women—leaves Egypt with one of the highest obesity rates in the world. List of Countries by Population | of World. China is most populous country of the world with more than 1.40 billion people. List of Countries 2014 by Population, Gross Domestic Product GDP, Military Expenditures Index of Economic Freedom. List of Spanish-speaking Countries by Population. To change the dislay sequence, click Account Suspended. This is a list of the ten most densely populated nations in the world. List of countries by population. Looking for a specific country? Please look in the list below, it is ordered by population size. area All 237 countries of the world listed by population. Population Reference Bureau. Choose a country or region. Finland’s population is about 5.4 million.20.2% is the rate the country and makes it on the number 10 of the countdown of the Fattest Countries Of The World. [[Image:Population other political entities by population growth rate, with estimates taken from the 2006 edition of the CIA World Factbook. Countries scaled to their relative. List of Countries by Population Wikipedia world population figures, ordered by size of the population, and with corresponding sources. List of countries by population density. American FactFinder is your source for population, housing, economic. 7 continents of the world and their countries. International Statistics. United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2013). of population. Smallest Countries by Population. The population growth projection for year 2050 predicts that India will become the most populated country in the world. Top 15 Most Populated Cities in the World In 2013. China’s population alone is 19.1% of the entire population on earth! List of metropolitan areas by population - Academic Kids. The first country on the list with both a substantial surface and population is Bangladesh, in 9th place with a Top 10: Countries With The Largest Population. Most population figures are from the country’s latest census (2010/2011) or from latest estimates (2013). World population information, the most populated countries of the world, countries with the largest population, and the largest population density. GeoHive - Countries with most surface area | population mid-2013 est With a total population density of over 6300 people per square kilometer, it ranks 2nd in the world. World: List of Countries by Population – The Geographist. Also given in percent is each country's population compared to the population of the world, which according to the United States Census Bureau population clock is estimated at 7.21 List of countries by population - Wikipedia. GDP: Gross Domestic Product (in USD millions) 11 Fastest Growing Countries in The World by Population. World Population by continents and countries - Nations Online Project. rank. definition and classification, for which we have counted 195 countries in the world). At 1st July, 2015, estimated global population was 7,243,784,121. This island nation is located in Micronesia in the South Pacific Ocean. List of countries ranked by Population density Puerto Rico. Today we are making a list of the 11 fastest growing countries in the world by population, and that means correcting a few common assumptions. Capital cities of the world - with population. Top Ten Smallest Countries In the Whole World By Population. The following list is from George Weber’s article “Top Languages: The World’s 10 Most Influential Languages” in Language Today (Vol. Country Map Index. Use this site to broaden your knowledge about the different countries in the world. WORLD. Spanish. 527,970. Top 10 Populated Countries In the World |

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